Game Programming Academy Unity 3D Webinars

For the next four weeks, I will be hosting a free 1 hour webinar on Fridays, 9am – 10am. Topic: Unity 3D. I don’t really have anything planned, so this will mostly be a Q/A session. I’m sure a few of my students will attend and ask questions (probably about why I haven’t graded their homework).

Only room for 50 people for the live version, but I will record the session and make the video available to all.

If you do have some questions you want to ask, I would suggest posting them here first, just in case I need some extra time to prepare an answer.

Game Programming Academy Unity 3D Series
Game Programming Academy is hosting weekly webinars on Unity 3D. We will cover a variety of topics including Artificial Intelligence and creating Multiplayer games.

Game Programming Academy Boot Camp

Today, while having lunch with two of my students from the Art Institute (Nate & Jay), I mentioned that I had thought about teaching local students game programming outside of school.

They know I’m in the process of making online game programming courses, but I mentioned that I could teach them all the same programming material they’ve learned in the last three years in one year without all of the general education and art classes they were forced to take for their degrees.

I told them I needed 20 students before committed to the program at $500/month for 12 months before I could go forward with it. Why? Costs: Office space, desks, computers, etc.

So I gave them a challenge. I told them I would run the Game Programming Boot Camp if they could find me 20 students. Of course, they started posting on Facebook.This would be on-ground boot camp in San Diego. While I want to do online boot camps, I haven’t figured out the logistics yet on how it would work.

So here it is: Game Programming Academy Boot Camp

  • 12 months of game programming.
  • One class a month.
  • Each class would run 12 hours per week with an extra 8 hours per week of lab time for doing ‘homework’ and getting help from myself and my tutors. (You can only learn programming by doing programming.)
  • What would we teach?
    • C++ and C# from the basics to the advanced level. This includes Objected Oriented Programming and Data Structures.
    • Unity 3D Game Engine (C#)
    • Artificial Intelligence in Game Programming
    • Network Game Programming
    • PC & Mobile Game Programming (Android)
    • 2D and 3D Graphics Programming (C++/OpenGL)
    • Shader Programming (CG/HLSL in Unity 3D)
    • Plus more advanced software development topics on making games in Unity 3D.
  • Cost: $500/month for 12 months.

What do you get out of it?

  • Learning how to program in C++ and C#.
  • Learning how to make games in Unity 3D.
    • In fact, you will be making at least one game per month, if not more.

If you are interested in signing up, fill out the following form with your name and email address. When I get 20 people interested, I will contact you with all of the details.

Registration closed.